Laura shares her voice and Spirit at Mile Hi's honoring of the Feast of Mary Magdalene. Wednesday July 24, 7-9pm.

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July 22 is known globally as Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day—a day commemorating all that Mary Magdalene symbolizes—devotion to the expansion of universal Christ Consciousness, the miraculous, the mystery, the divine feminine, and the transcendent power of grace.

We will be joining together as a community in reverent mystical practice to honor, uplift, and expand these energies and consciousness within our own hearts to be a part of the expansion of Christ Consciousness and the essence of the Magdalene in the world.

Join Rev. Zemirah and Mile Hi Church practitioners at the altar of roses for a devotional evening of spiritual practice, Taizé–inspired chanting, a visual pilgrimage through the forest of St. Baume where Mary Magdalene is said to have spent her final years in deep contemplation, a guided visualization based on the Gospel of the Beloved Companion, a ritual of milk and honey, and a candlelight anointing ceremony with oils consecrated by our practitioners.